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The Portrait Institute
New Logo
We are pleased to unveil here the new Portrait Institute logo, honoring the twentieth-century hero of the premier coup technique, John Singer Sargent. Our old logo, featuring a likeness of Rembrandt, is now consigned, like the artist himself, to history.

New Products
On the New Products page, you will find several new items of interest, including several beautifully-produced giclée prints, which we hope you will find inspirational.

New Instructional Section:
The Premier Coup Technique

Since 1974, the premier coup technique has been at the heart of our educational materials and approach. You may prefer to call this technique alla prima. Both terms (one French, one Italian) have the identical meaning. In this section, you will learn the history of the technique and the names of the greatest artists who have espoused and practiced it, plus the basic principles you will need to understand to paint in this method yourself.

Taught by
John Howard Sanden